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Writing Tips: Punctuation

How to Write Admission Essay with Correct Punctuation? Students generally tend to believe that when they write an admission essay, the only thing that matters is their ideas and, consequently, punctuation rules are often neglected. However, correct punctuation is essential for award-winning writing. The most common mistakes and violations of punctuation rules can be subdivided...

Writing Tips: Vocabulary

How to Use Correct Essay Vocabulary? Writing a good admission essay is difficult, yet absolutely necessary task. Its success is determined by many factors, such as logical development and cohesion of ideas, accurate observance of grammar rules and the use of appropriate stylistic devices. However, even all this may be not enough if you fail...

Admission Essay Topics

What Should You Take into Account When Choosing One of the College Admission Essay Topics? When you need to write an admission essay, you should keep in mind that both what you write about and how you write about it are of the highest importance. And yet, essay writing topics selection is not something you...

Admission Process

Challenge of Admission In order not to get lost in the admission process game, a potential student must learn several important issues: If you work hard and efficiently, you have more chances to be successful. If you work according to the plan, you will not get completely stressed out by the end of the process....

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