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Lack of Time – Common Admission Writing Problems

Old and very well-received expression says: “Time is money,” and indeed, not many people will argue that in the modern world time is a currency and it is extremely important to prioritize things due to constant lack of time.

In the academic world you are always pressed for time and very often you find yourself in the situation where your task should have been delivered a day before and you have not even started yet. How many times have you started to write your essay under these circumstances?

Unfortunately, the lack of time is one of the most common writing problems in the academic world, and while everybody recognized the importance of time management, not many of us can really be in control of our time.

Let us cut the problem short and summarize the key points for you that will make you feel less pressed for time:

  • There should be no urgent tasks; most of them at some point were not that alerting. Plan in advance and you will have some time for yourself.
  • Follow the stages of essay writing precisely and you are sure to save a great deal of time (for additional information, consult the Stages of writing section).
  • Do not plan without buffer. There is always something that creates obstacles. Buffer helps to avoid a lot of common writing problems.

Lack of time is a major problem not only for the student, but for the whole academic process in general. Works written under the time pressure are very easy to identify and they are generally very boring pieces of writing.

Do your best to avoid stress and make better use of your academic experience. Try to plan better and allow for buffer time and you will see the difference!

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