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How to Write an Article Review – 6 Steps, 3 Readings, and 2 Drafts

Here’s how to write an article review for college:

  1. Read a scholarly article from start to finish to get a general sense of what the paper is about. Interrupt the reading only to familiarize yourself with terminology you do not know. Reread complicated passages several times to understand them better.
  2. On the second reading, jot down detailed notes. They will help you remember the author’s main points. Also, try to identify the hypothesis, sample, research methods, and findings.
  3. Try to summarize the article in your own words. Consider the premises for the arguments made by the author. Make a list of specific evidence provided in the article.
  4. On the third reading, identify the most effective arguments. Find limitations in the study and/or the author’s claims. Come up with counterarguments in response to the weak points proffered by the author.
  5. Start writing the first draft. Avoid quoting the author’s summary or thesis because it shows that you have not processed their key points. Make sure that your summary does not exceed the word count assigned by the professor. It should not be longer than your analysis of the article.
  6. Edit and proofread the article review. Carefully reread your first draft to eliminate all inconsistencies and errors. Look for awkward word choices and subject-pronoun agreement.

Easier said than done? Sadly, it is. If you don’t want to waste the whole day on article review writing, request our professional online assignment help.

Article Review Assignment Holds You Back: 3 Reasons to Buy It Here

A commonly held and rarely examined belief that the more assignment students have, the more they learn. As it is usually the case, a misguided assumption leads to grave consequences. The epidemic of busyness has reached epic proportions on modern college grounds. Tormented students are always doing something. An example in point is article review writing. Do you need to waste hours trying to write an APA paper on an obscure article? Not really. As a matter of fact, the assignment holds you back. It prevents you from focusing on more important areas of study.

It prevents you from focusing on more important areas of study. So maybe when the next time you're assigned a paper to be written out of the class, you'd better address us, saying, "Common, do my homework for me!" The thing is, you gain a lot when using our writing help:

  • You save time
    When you work against the clock trying to finish an article review, time is working against you. However, when your review is written by our professional writers, you get time back on your side. You can do anything you want with it.
  • You save money
    Our help is eye-poppingly affordable. You won’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality article review. Furthermore, with generous discounts and promo codes we regularly disseminate on the Web, you can save even more.
  • You save effort
    Wasting a tremendous amount of energy to write an article review can be heartbreaking. You no longer have to tolerate the punishing writing secessions. Buy an article review here and take a well-deserved rest.

Writing an Article Analysis

Keeping up with the ever-increasing amount of coursework is getting harder. Example: writing a critique of a research article. Aren’t you saturated with the assignment? Haven’t you burned enough midnight oil trying to write an article review paper and format it properly? If you nod approvingly, consider the key benefits of using our service:

  • Anonymous Assistance
    You can keep private your use of our services because we don’t disclose user information to third parties. Our Customer Security officers employ powerful encryption algorithms to protect your right to online anonymity.
  • No Plagiarism
    Every example of article review essay will be properly referenced by our professional writers. When it is finished, we will check the paper with plagiarism-detection software.
  • 3 Hour Delivery
    In pressing situations, we can deliver your paper within only 3 hours. The service will cost extra, but it is well worth it.
  • 2 Pages for Free
    We will write the title and reference pages of your article review without charging you a cent.
  • Free Formatting and Delivery
    Your article review will be formatted and delivered for free.

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