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Types of Establishments for Students

Where Is Admission Essay Required?

As of today, writing an admission essay is one of the most common requirements for a number of educational institutions, since admission officers want to see a real personality of the applicant behind his/her grades and a list of achievements.

For your convenience, we present general categories of educational establishments that give such an assignment to their applicants:

  • Law schoolsThey offer post-graduate programs that usually last 3 years and let the students earn a Juris Doctor degree. To be accepted to such a course, you should have a Bachelor’s degree in any major and pass Law School Admission Test successfully, as well as produce an impressive school admission essay.More information on application process to this educational establishment can be found in the Law school article.
  • Medical schoolsThis kind of school usually has not only medical degree programs, but also some programs that can lead to Master’s or PhD degrees, as well as other postgraduate courses. The entry requirements can differ for various schools, but many of them use special standardized tests in the selection process.Detailed information on these schools can be found in the Medical school section.
  • Business schoolsThey are educational institutions of a university level and confer degrees in Business Administration. There you can choose a variety of business related subjects, such as marketing, accounting, administration, information technologies and many others.Feel free to consult our Business school section for additional information.
  • Graduate schoolsThis kind of school awards advanced academic degrees, such as MBA, PhD and Master’s and can be a part of a university. Applicants are required to have obtained a Bachelor’s degree to be able to be admitted for a course.Other peculiarities of admission to these schools can be found in the Graduate school section.
  • CollegesThey are in essence undergraduate educational institutions and usually offer an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree. They are usually regarded as the first step in a promising academic career and have submission of a college admission essay as a necessary requirement.All the other steps of college admission process can be read in the article on College admission.
  • UniversitiesThey usually provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education and award degrees in a variety of subjects. Universities are in most cases quite big centers of higher education and are very popular among the applicants. That is why, a university admission essay is used to simplify the selection process.In order to see how you can enter the university of your dream, consult our University admissions section.
  • Institutes of technologiesThey often consist of several schools and colleges and grant degrees in physical sciences, engineering, as well as biology, linguistics, economics, management and political science. Such institutions are famous for their emphasis on scientific and technological research.Additional information on requirements for the institutes’ admissions can be found in the Institute of technologies section.

If you have already decided what educational establishment you are going to apply to, but are rather confused by the admission essay assignment, you might find our site very helpful. If you enter a page that corresponds to your institution of choice, you will find a wealth of information regarding the peculiarities of admission essays that will surely help you get a place there.

Whether you are having difficulties with a college admission essay, school admissions essay or university admissions essay, our writing tips are bound to assist you in addressing them!

In order to find out more about the admission process peculiarities, you are free to look through our Admission process page.

To find brief characteristics of each establishment, view our Glossary.

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