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Admission Process

Challenge of Admission

In order not to get lost in the admission process game, a potential student must learn several important issues:

  • If you work hard and efficiently, you have more chances to be successful.
  • If you work according to the plan, you will not get completely stressed out by the end of the process.
  • Knowing as much as possible about the procedures and admission requirements really helps to reduce the level of panic and fear.

You are welcome to view stages of admission process:

  1. Your hard work on getting to college or university actually starts long before preparing the application. Preliminary scholastic aptitude test is the first and the most important step, which is likely to be a plausible projection of how well you will do at a real test. Being tiresome and demanding, these standardized tests, however, provide an important tool for colleges that can be used to evaluate your potential as a student, so it is important to do your best to achieve decent results, if not the highest.
  2. Since the moment you have got your tests results, start choosing your college or university. Make up a list of six to ten options, including safe harbors (somewhere you are sure to be admitted to), two challenges (places where your chances of being admitted do not look very bright) and two to six realistic variants.
  3. Now it’s high time to find out your university or college admission requirements. As college admission requirements differ considerably, always check and double-check what the admission committee really wants from you. Some places allow you to apply on-line, others only allow a printed version of the application papers. Some application forms will be very brief, others may be long and detailed. For example, if you have a close look at MIT admission requirements, you will see that the emphasis is actually on all the possible criteria and the standardized tests results; your essay and your extracurricular activities are equally important. Typical university and college admission requirements usually include:
    • Several letters of recommendation from your teachers and school-based counselors.
    • One or two admission essays.
    • Personal statement. You can buy personal statement online on our website.
    • Your academic transcript.
    • Your standardized tests score.
    • The information on extracurricular activities.
    • Completed application forms.
  4. Do not pay too much attention to the problem of how to write a letter of recommendation. Find a teacher or a counselor who will really write it for you. Many teachers agree to sign a letter prepared by you in advance. However, there are several disadvantages of this way of preparing it. First of all, you may not know how to write a letter of recommendation in a correct format. Then, very few people are actually capable of praising themselves objectively and naturally. That is why, your letter is likely to turn either into boasting or into modest mumbling.Your admission essay is essential, so again – get down to work as early as possible. This will give you enough time to brainstorm your ideas, evaluate them, reject those which are unnecessary, develop the necessary ones, write several drafts, make editing and proofreading.
  5. Having done all that, you can think of looking for some financial support. First, do your little personal research on the Internet, looking for scholarship opportunities. Read the requirements carefully and think about whether the conditions are manageable for you. Try to be realistic, but never be afraid of difficulties. Try hard even if you do not think you have a 100% chance of getting any financial support. At this stage, you may need to write one more essay. This time it will be a scholarship essay, explaining why you need the financial support and how the organization providing a scholarship can benefit from you.
  6. Finally, there is a stage of a college interview. After the applications have been considered and evaluated, there comes an important personal meeting, when you can prove that you are really wonderful, intelligent and enthusiastic young person. Just be yourself. If you want to succeed in your college interview, behave naturally and friendly. Try to do some simple breathing exercises before you come into the meeting room, relax and never lie about your abilities. Your sincerity will certainly be rewarded.

This sounds tough, but in reality thousands of young people go through this process each year and there is no reason why you cannot do the same. Remember, admission essay is your oyster! You just need a little persistence to crack it!

You are welcome to look through peculiarities of different types of establishments or order essay online.

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