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5 Winning Tips for Ivy League College Essays

ivy league admission

Admission to college may seem like a strange process covered in mystery. And when it comes to hyper-selective Ivy League universities, it’s especially opaque to young candidates.

Although committees evaluate admission essay as a significant part of a comprehensive narrative of a college-goers, even a well-written paper doesn’t guarantee your admittance. The selection process – especially at establishments like Harvard, MIT or the University of Chicago – is complex, many-sided, and ever-changing. So what might work out for one paper in any given year may not necessarily be successful in the future.

What Do All Effective Ivy league Admissions Essays Have in Common?

Leadership, intellectual vitality, initiative, memorability, and, of course, passion! Each of these things is, in a particular way, intended to make you reflect on something in an enthusiastic and creative manner.

There are a few key aspects to think about.

Whether it’s Yale inquiring about things you are intellectually excited about, or Stanford demanding a note to the future roommate, or Brown University asking to come up with features of the Open Curriculum – these schools want you to reveal your passions and speak about them in a manner showing smart and surprising but diligent way of thinking as well as to find out if you can share those obsessions with your future coursemates, roommates, fellow club members, etc.

Still, there are some characteristics any school would prefer to see in you. So, the questions to Ivy League applications are notably developed to test such qualities.

Let’s say you want to get in Princeton or Dartmouth University. You are acing all your exams and attending all possible extracurricular activities and classes to increase your chances. Yes, there might be one little thing you forgot about: your writing skills to hike up and master Ivy essay.

There’s definitely no need to prompt you on how important your writing skills are. The way you structure and lay your thoughts out, how you write research papers will directly influence your future academic achievements. Ivy League institutions – be it University of Pennsylvania or Cornell – they all are very demanding to writing an essay and have very strict requirements to admission papers. Just think about these numbers: out of nearly 35 thousand applicants, only 6% entered so much desired Ivy schools.

But what’s so exceptional about Ivy League application papers? What to do so that not to fail? Here we’ve collected 5 universal essay writing tips to help you enter the Ivy League university of your dreams. You can spare yourself the reading and order essay online right away. 

Plan Your Time for Writing Ivy League Application Essays

Members of Ivy League admission committee usually claim that the biggest mistake students make is not devoting enough time to planning and writing. Students think that they’re valedictorians and don’t have to take great pains of working too much on writing Ivy essays. As a result, their papers are not interesting to read, as their authors didn’t perform thorough and insightful research on the issues they were to cover.

The thing is, you always need to take some deep reflection on the statements to write about. Start preparing for the admission essay writing right after you discover the topic and requirements because devoting minutes to such a super-crucial task doesn’t make you credit. Note that our research paper writers can help you at any stage of preparing an Ivy League Essay.

Ivy League Essay Examples of Personal Stories

Confident students never miss a chance to write about what interests them. It’s not necessarily something very uncommon or something that demonstrates the applicant’s academic or extracurricular activities. Yet, it should be something the student can reflect on with precision, convictions, and excitement.

  • Add some personal touch to global issues

Ivy League institutions often demand from the students to write a paper on global relevant matters like wars and conflicts around the world, political and economic difficulties, and so on. If you want your admission to fall short, describe these issues in a very general and broad tone.

Otherwise, try making it more personal. Perhaps, this particular issue has influenced your family or friends. Don’t be afraid to express emotions. Demonstrate your deepest thoughts on the issue when writing an essay. Ivy League commissions do prefer bold students who can share their experience and express emotions.

  • Don’t try to be overexotic

Though admission essay is the only opportunity for students to introduce themselves, you don’t need to try to be as extraordinary as possible. Instead, Ivy League college essays that worked involve great storytelling, details, and examples. Your essay should feel like a pleasant everyday conversation. On the other hand, it’s not a research paper to follow numerous strict requirements. Focus on telling your own gripping story.

  • Don’t boast

Last but not least, don’t strive to look perfect in your application by talking only about your advantages. Boasting and telling people how out-and-out you are won’t help you get into Ivy League schools but rather paints a non-viable picture of yourself in the eyes of the committee. Harvard, Yale or Dartmouth, they all look for something and someone authentic. Don’t be ashamed of sounding your downsides and highlight through your essay on your willingness to turn your drawbacks into advantages.

Remember: admission officers do want to get acquainted with their future students better, and a personalized essay is a nice way of doing it. Give more details about yourselves, think about the changes you went through, explain what you desire to reach and how. Regard your application essay as an informal interview and use this chance to the max.

Stay True and Craft Successful Ivy League Application Essays!

Entering an Ivy League school may be mind-blowing, but as long as you stick true to your values and your true self, you have all the chances that your application paper will attract an admission officer’s attention.

Petra Lipfer
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Petra Lipfer is a professional blogger from Orlando, Florida. She has degrees in Education and Management and has taken three advanced IT courses. She has been writing for several educational portals and now is a stuff writer at MyAdmissionsEssay.com.
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