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Application Essay on Educational Challenge

When three years ago I got my Bachelor’s degree in ELT, I was seen as potential high flier in the sphere of education. I was able to create efficient lesson plans, develop interesting teaching materials and listen carefully to my students. According to my professors, “I just need a bit of guidance to exploit my full potential”. I considered taking a Master’s degree program, but then took an option of starting a teaching career in Thailand, overwhelmed with the desire to experience a teaching process in a completely different cultural setting.

Three years have passed since that time. I have acquired a unique experience of teaching people of a completely different culture and mentality to convey their thought effectively by means of a foreign language. I have acquired absolute patience and have experienced strong professional determination. I have learned the hard way to live in a society, which resembles my own one like cheese and chalk. But here, three years later, I am still seen as a potential high flier. And something keeps telling me that it is high time for a new educational challenge.

Several years ago I considered a possibility of prolonging my academic experience as an activity which will deprive me of the hours of “real work”. I was completely full and could not feel that hunger for knowledge, which makes the educational process a must for you, when you study and know that you do it because inside of you there is a huge black hole longing for information and you only live, constantly providing this hole with new mental food to digest. However, as I went along my professional way, I soon realized that there was something which I had not acquired during my undergraduate program. What I was missing was the holistic approach to teaching, which makes it not a collection of separate methods (however successful and efficient they are), but an activity which you develop on a solid basis of a profound academic research.

Now I am ready for a new challenge of education and discovery. I am deeply interested in the interrelation and interconnection of the individual and national psychology and the way speakers of other languages learn English, and this makes me apply to the Master’s degree program here in this university, as this is exactly the place where I believe I will be able to carry out a research I dream about and maybe pursue further academic career with a PhD program. I hope that I will have a possibility to take my challenge and win this battle.

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