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Admissions Essay on My Personal Goals at the University

The University, owing to its diversified course styles and programs, allowed me to realize the possibilities of continued education and the achievements that it can provide. My desired attainments as a student of the University include short- and long-term goals that pertain to an occupation in the field of adult education.

The short-term goal that I have is to improve the skills I use daily in my work as a maintenance instructor. These skills include development and presentation of training material, as well as application of adult learning techniques. It is often difficult to create an exciting learning environment, when most of my personal experiences are limited to standard educational concepts. I believe the experience I acquire by attending classes will provide new insights, leading to more creative thought processes in the design of training classes.

Much of my daily work is performed using computers to conduct research activities and produce written material for use in the classroom or at home when I need help with my homework. Currently, the material I develop is for use in an instructor-lead environment. However, with the advances in technology it becomes increasingly important to be able to offer computer-based training when appropriate. The courses offered at the University not only provide information in these areas, but also the experience of the adult learning concepts. There are several areas of instruction at the university that should be beneficial in improving my work skills. These areas include document writing, classroom presentations, resource searches and general work habits. These are the tools I can put to use immediately as I perform my daily tasks, providing not only a benefit to me, but also to my fellow workers.

My long-range goal is to broaden my area of qualification to provide more employment options for the future. Not that I am currently dissatisfied with my job, but I can envision the possibility of seeking a change, whether it be with my current company or with a different employer. After spending over ten years in supervision and several years in maintenance training, I realize that my preference lies in educating, rather than managing personnel.

I cannot ignore the financial aspect of my future. Though I do not have a strong desire to climb the corporate ladder, I do find it desirable to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for my family and myself. The future is always a little uncertain and there is never a guarantee of job security. Having a higher level of education can provide the qualification needed for a wider variety of employment possibilities. Therefore, based on my current interests in training and computers, I have chosen to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education.

Most importantly, I have a continuous goal to keep all areas of my life in proper perspective based on the values I have established. Those values pertain to my faith, family, friends, occupation, education, health and relaxation. I have found that when any one area gets excessive attention, my quality of life takes a nosedive, especially if it continues for too long. There is a demand from each direction for my time and personal resources. It becomes exceedingly obvious, often in a detrimental way, when I neglect one of these areas. In managing these areas of life, it has been difficult to continue my education due to the requirements placed on my time.

It is always easy to find a good excuse that will prevent me from achieving my goals. So, I have given up the excuses and enrolled in a course of study to further my education. I will probably need to make adjustments in my life as I continue down this path, but that has always been a necessity for any change that took place.

Together, these goals bring into focus my desire for continuous self-improvement. My expectations from this experience are new abilities and experiences that will provide a deeper understanding and enjoyment of life. I do not have to wait years to achieve my goals, although some will take that long. This is the basis for establishing my goals for the present as well as the future. With these goals in mind, it is my intention to make the most of my time, while enrolled in the University, and continually reap the multitude of benefits that accompany a sound education.

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