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Admission Essay on University Community

What does the phrase “university community” mean to you? How would your background and experience help contribute to the community of our university?

When first universities appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages, they immediately became an essential social and cultural phenomenon, which acquired unique functions they have preserved up to now. Apart from providing profound knowledge in different spheres of human activities and, thus, shaping the mentality and the cultural mode of the society, universities also create a special community that is important in a number of different ways.

First, the groups of dedicated professionals who are united by a single aim of deepening the human knowledge, experience the unknown and accumulate the research results, make a huge difference to the society. They both create the environment that can help the educational and scientific process and maintain the atmosphere of mutual effort to achieve one aim. Second, the university community is the social phenomenon, which in many countries ensures the democracy: universities tend to be generally autonomous and independent from the state, and in this way they manage to develop the mind of the young people in an atmosphere when they are not limited by the issues of politics and governmental power.

Another important issue about the university community is that it also provides students with a powerful tool to develop their personality. The spirit of community can help to obtain new skills for life, such as socializing, negotiation and persuasion, as being involved in certain relationship and being different personalities, students are bound to cooperate with each other, find commonly satisfying solutions and lend each other a helping hand. Finally, a university community plays an important role in voluntary social work, making students really care about the people around them.

I firmly believe that without university communities our society would be very different. And I would be happy to use all my previous experience to become a valuable member of your community. I have a considerable experience of research of the ecosystems in the Amazon rainforests which I did on a voluntary basis as a member of the WWF for two years. This kind of experience can be valuable, taking into account the projects carried out in your university. I also attended a workshop help by professional paper writers where they taugh us how to write perfectly structured short stories. Another sphere where my skills can be of value is the area of extracurricular activities, as I am a keen basketball player and spent five years playing for my school team, where I achieved a considerable level of proficiency.

I hope that my skills and abilities can make me such member of the university community, who can both give and take, use the results of cooperative development and facilitate this process. I am ready to spend all my time and efforts to become a part of the community if I am given a chance.

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