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Admission Essay on the Ideal World

Describe the picture of ideal world as you imagine it.

I am a person who deeply loves the world. I am sincerely passionate about the kind and considerate people who live on our beautiful green planet, about the rich society, the successful economy, the clean and unpolluted environment, and equal opportunities for everyone. Unfortunately, the world I love so much is not the world we live in.

Since my early childhood, I have been interested in the unexplainable phenomenon of the human society: why, being provided with all the necessary resources and possibilities for the sustainable development of the harmonious society, we still waste the opportunities and have wars instead of peace, discrimination instead of recognition, weapon construction instead of alternative energy solutions. These questions are still significant for me and that is why my current ambition is to continue my education in the sphere of social and political studies in this university.

The history of this long-established school provided an important life and academic basis for many distinguished and influential members of our society. The wide range of programs on offer and the leading academicians, who have created an inspiring learning atmosphere, make this university the place where I dream to continue my studies. I realize perfectly well that by completing my degree successfully I will not be able to solve any global issues, as I am certainly a dreamer, but I am also realist. However, I also feel that my degree will equip me with the necessary tools to pursue the realization of my idea.

I have not developed a clear plan of “changing the world” yet, but I feel that what can become my personal commitment might be the role of an educator with a further emphasis on the academic and teaching career. I believe that education is a primary means of solving the key problems in a developmental, rather than revolutionary, way. Another possibility for me is the career in politics, which gives a wide scope of direct impact means, but is definitely less fruitful in terms of seeing immediate results.

Whatever way I will choose to go later, my first degree is my primary concern now. And I sincerely hope that I will be able to be an important asset for the university as well, as I am ready to bring all my determination, strength and passion for the world I love in the life of my university community.

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