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Admissions Essay on My Greatest Influence

Describe a person or event that has had a profound impact on you and the way you look at the world.

Influence is the most mysterious thing. We consciously tend to rebel against any influence on our personality, realizing perfectly well at the same time that it is almost inevitable. We are influenced by little kids when we go to primary school, as they involuntarily teach us to interact in the society. We are influenced greatly by our parents, when we strive for them to recognize us as adults. We are influenced by our school teachers, whether we like them or not.

My life in this respect was quite unusual, as in my younger years I was almost free from any influence and resembled much a tree fully uprooted. My family has been moving a lot around the world. My parents, both being dedicated medical professionals willing to pursue their career not only for money, but for certain beliefs, started their work with Medicins sans Frontiers when I was about three years old. I remember clearly that I hardly ever lived in one place longer than three months. As a result, I was absolutely independent from the influence of classmates and teachers; I could not probably care less than I did about the people who I was sure would disappear from my life very soon.

When I was fifteen, I finally stopped travelling and settled down with my grandfather, as it was time to think about my high school opportunities. And this was the first and the most amazing experience in my life, when the stone finally stopped rolling and started gathering some moss. This was the time when I had finally had a person to share my ideas with and to get support from, but it was also the first time when I had to force myself into a certain kind of a relationship, as I knew that I would stay there for not less than three years and so, suddenly, all the people around me were no longer the changing setting of my constant journey, but the individuals of blood, flesh, intellect and feelings, whom I had to take into account.

The period was far from being easy. Sometimes, I felt irritated, as the process of growing roots appeared to be rather painful with those subtle strings getting attached to your heart. From time to time, I felt scared and wanted to escape the reality. But my grandpa was always there for me, repeating reassuringly: “Discover yourself, be yourself and let other people get to know you”. And I let other people come into my life, made friends, liked and hated my school teachers, met my first boyfriend and learned to be influenced.

Now I am ready to start my journey again, this time coming to study in this university to become a psychologist, as I firmly decided to find out why people are so afraid of being influenced, but at the same time long for the influence. However, this time I have a lot to leave behind. And this is the first time in my life that I have not got the feeling that by opening one door, I actually close the other one.

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