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Admissions Essay on Career Choice

Describe your personal experience that influenced your choice of career.

December 23, 2008, was supposed to be a usual lazy day when I did not feel like doing anything, but just concentrate on expecting the forthcoming Christmas holidays and seeking someone to help me write my personal statement. I had just finished shopping for presents in a new shopping mall outside the city, and was driving home along the unusually empty road. It was getting dark. The weather was not exactly the one you could expect at that time in our climate. It was relatively warm with thick irritating moisture hanging in the air and making you feel soaked. I was humming the tune by Sting together with the CD player and thinking about a nice cup of tea I would have at home. Suddenly, I heard a loud banging sound, and my car totally lost control. Before I could understand what was going on, I felt a horrible pain and fainted.

When I gained my consciousness, I found myself in a hospital ward and realized how lucky I was, not remembering the details. It turned out that the accident had actually been nothing but a string of unlucky events. The road had been a bit too wet and muddy, the curve had been at a bit bigger angle than it was necessary to meet the requirements of my driving skills, and, last but not least, there had been a drain cover just in the middle of the road surface. “A sad construction mistake”, as it was described by a road police officer. When two months later I finally got home, my plans for a future degree in IT were totally destroyed, and a new idea was looming on the horizon. The career in civil engineering, which had never been considered before the accident, turned into a determination to make it a lifetime commitment.

The idea of a profession that would save lives has always been tempting to me, as it is pleasant to realize that apart from earning for your living, you can also do good to the society. However, the career I am focused on pursuing now seems to be a much more interesting way to go: first, this is a sphere of human activity that is tightly connected with the creative process; second, the process of designing and building public facilities can make a huge difference in the way the next generation lives in our country. If we use environmentally friendly technologies, elaborate the landscape integrated designs and avoid “sad construction mistakes ”, we will create a safe and beautiful surrounding for our children.

The degree I am striving for now is a possibility to unite people by building bridges and roads, entertaining them by designing sports and recreational facilities, saving lives by constructing hospitals that are convenient for the medical staff to help the patients. I realize perfectly well that such a branch of human knowledge requires a huge amount of hard mental work, but I am ready to spend four years working hard towards my dream, using all my skills and talents to the utmost and hope that the admission committee will grant me with this possibility.

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