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Editing and Proofreading – Stages of Writing

You are welcome to the final stage of your admission essay writing! It is recommended to approach it after completing the following stages:

So, your essay paper seems to be completed. You have in your hands a paper with a writing, disclosing the assigned or chosen topic in full. However, we do not recommend you to hurry up submitting it to the admission committee. There is one more thing to be done about your work.

As you might have already guessed, we are talking about essay editing and proofreading. This is a stage when the fate of your essay paper is sealed. Your essay may contain a number of mistakes. These might be grammar, structural, stylistic, spelling, punctuation, and a number of other mistakes (more detailed information on kinds of mistakes and the ways of their spotting and correction may be found in the Common mistakes section).

Which is the most wistful, a lot of students cannot detect mistakes they have committed. So, they really require help at the stage.

Sure, you can turn to online essay editing services. However, trying to order your essay editing or proofreading, you will face the key problems:

  • This work takes too much time.
  • There is no free essay writing and essay editing services, so you need to have some money to pay for it.

Surely, if these problems seem nothing to you, you still may order an essay editing from the best coursework writing service you can find. However, we think you should not forget about an important point: you write your paper to enter the university or college, and to obtain some skills and knowledge. So, it would be much better for you to start getting this knowledge at the stage of admission essay writing.

We recommend you to carry out essay proofreading and editing yourself. The only thing you need to do in order to succeed is to get rest after essay writing and concentrate on the process of essay proofreading.

How to Perform Essay Proofreading Correctly?

  • Read your writing carefully.
  • Fix everything that seems strange or causes any doubts.
  • If you feel your knowledge is not enough for essay editing, consult someone who is more experienced and skilled.
  • Do not be afraid to miss something.
  • You can repeat proofreading and editing processes for several times in order to make sure everything is correct.
  • Pay special attention to grammar and spelling.
  • Do not forget to keep to the style requirements.
  • Be sure to check the commas and other punctuation marks.

You are sure to succeed in writing a really good admission essay if you proofread and edit it prior to submission to the admission committee.

Congratulations! Your paper is ready!

Petra Lipfer
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Petra Lipfer is a professional blogger from Orlando, Florida. She has degrees in Education and Management and has taken three advanced IT courses. She has been writing for several educational portals and now is a stuff writer at MyAdmissionsEssay.com.
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