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Good ideas are cheap; it is the execution that matters. Therefore, if your idea is expressed in a way that makes it difficult to grasp, the thesis committee members will not approve it.

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What is a Thesis Proposal?

Generally speaking, a master thesis proposal is an academic document presenting an overview of the future research project. Given that the proposal is a valuable example of the quality of your scholarly ideas, it should be thoroughly-researched and masterfully written. Ensure that the scope of your study is reasonable (feasible sample size) and its objectives are communicated clearly. Otherwise, the proposal will be declined.

How to Write a Thesis Proposal: Basic Outline

Below, you'll find a basic outline for your master thesis proposal and some recommendations regarding its format.

  1. Title
  2. A great title goes far beyond specifying the subject matter of a thesis. Rather, it indicates your approach to researching the issue or presents the key question. Usually, a title page follows a specific template provided by an institution of higher learning.

  3. Overview of the Study
  4. Here, you are expected to provide a brief overview of your future study and its place within the current academic discourse. It is also important to list research questions, major approaches, rational, and significance of the study.

  5. Literature Review
  6. This section should position the study in the contest of the literature most pertinent to the research issues at hand. Identify the knowledge gaps that will be addressed by your study and provide a thorough analysis of the existing scholarly discourse.

  7. Design and Methodology
  8. Present the design of your study and explicate the specific methods you will employ to answer the research questions. Make sure to discuss the general approach as well as the rationale for adopting it. Then, detail the parameters of the study, specific aims and objectives, and the timeline for data collection, analysis, etc.

  9. References
  10. The references page should telegraph to the readers your solid grasp of the current literature. For this reason, ensure that the selection of the most appropriate sources is immediately evident to your intended audience.

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