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What I Want to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student?

I want to enhance five major skills that I feel would be very effective throughout my life. They are leadership, writing, creativity, communication and presentation skills. This is something that can be done while attending University of Phoenix because of the teams and hands on experience.

First, leadership skills are a great asset to have. This would be a goal that I want to enhance as a University of Phoenix student, as it shows knowledge of helping others, encouraging individuals during great and down times. You are seen as positive, creative, willing to listen to others and their ideas. Leaders are motivators, willing to go the extra mile and acknowledge others’ strengths and weaknesses. Leadership skills is a goal that can be enhanced at the University of Phoenix.

Second, writing skills. For me they are very important, as they show your creative thoughts as well as ability to be a good writer. This skill which I lack will definitely be improved at the University of Phoenix. My personal goal is to be a great writer, because I have a lot of books in mind that I want to write, so being a student of this university will help me accomplish that goal. To be honest, I used to ask my school friend to write a research paper for me in school and my goal is to do it myself perfectly in the future.

Third, creativity is another skill that I want to improve. It makes you stand out and become more alive because you are original. You can always come up with something creative, such as an idea, topic, working in a group or just plan different. This is great because everyone has a creative side to them, but might not know how to show it. Being a student of the University of Phoenix will definitely help me develop this skill.

Last but not least, communication skills. In today’s age they are vital in everything you do. Being a great communicator has always been on my agenda for improvements. I feel communication skills can take you along way in life such as communicating through books, talk shows, speeches, seminars, presentations through tapes, daily conversations with people and getting people to understand you, so that they could relate to your level. University of Phoenix can definitely enhance my communication skills.

Finally, presentation skills can be creative and fun. One of my personal goals is to become a great presenter because I want to become a motivational speaker in which you have to be a great presenter. Having great presentation skills seems fun, exciting, and it shows you know what you are talking about while having fun doing it. Delivering a good presentation makes the audience listen and be more attentive to what you have to say when you make it fun and exciting. Working in the team of the University of Phoenix and holding group presentations can greatly improve my skills.

I feel, the University of Phoenix is the place where my personal goals can be accomplished. Having great leadership, writing, creativity, communication and presentation skills can take me a long way up.

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