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Physics Principles in Technology Essay Example

Disclaimer: This Physics Principles in Technology Essay Example is here so that you can look what a good paper looks like and produce your own piece. In case you need your essay written or to buy annotated bibliography online, we can also help!

The scenario involves several physics principles, including electricity and magnetism. The USB adaptor port used by Mandy is a device that converts electrical energy into a different form of energy that her cell phone can use to charge its battery. The charging process relies on electric current, voltage, and resistance principles. The USB adaptor provides 5 volts of direct current (DC) to the cell phone, which measures the potential energy of the electric charges in the circuit. The amperage of the USB port, or the quantity of electricity flowing through the circuit, determines how quickly a mobile device may be charged. Faster charging times result from increased amperage, the rate at which electric charge flows. Resistance, the measure of how difficult it is for electric charges to flow through a substance, is also involved in the charging process. The USB adaptor's output voltage and current must be strong enough to overcome the resistance of the mobile phone's battery to charge the battery.

In addition to electric theory, the scenario also incorporates the idea of energy production and consumption. Most of Italy's electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, which contributes to global warming through emissions of greenhouse gases. Alternative energy sources, such as solar power, can help reduce these emissions and lessen the severity of climate change's effects. James Clerk Maxwell is regarded as a pivotal person in the history of contemporary physics for his contributions to our knowledge of electromagnetism (Charalampous, 2021). The invention of radio waves, which have numerous practical uses, including communication, broadcasting, and navigation, may be traced back to Maxwell's research. Maxwell's equations also paved the way for the development of technologies such as electric motors, generators, and transformers used in various applications.

Maxwell's contributions to the science of optics, which investigates the nature of light, are another contemporary application of his work. The use of Maxwell's equations in the construction of optical systems like lenses, mirrors, and cameras has made him famous. These instruments are used in numerous commonplace contexts, such as cameras, microscopes, and telescopes. To compare and contrast the scenario described above with a personal example, consider using a wireless charging pad for a smartphone. This technology wirelessly transfers energy from the charging pad to the smartphone's battery using electromagnetic induction.

However, when an electric current passes through the coil of wire in the charging pad, it creates a magnetic field. This field attracts and holds the charging pad in place. In addition, the mobile device has a wire coil that is placed close to the coil found in the charging pad. When the power is applied to the charging pad, a magnetic field is created that induces an electric current in the coil of the smartphone, which in turn charges the battery (Henry & Vijayan, 2022). When recharging a smartphone's battery, both the wireless charging pad and the USB adapter port use the same fundamental concepts: electric current and the transformation of energy. On the other hand, the USB adapter port requires a physical connection between the phone and the port in order to transmit energy, whereas the wireless charging pad can transfer energy without any wires being involved due to electromagnetic induction.

In conclusion, Mandy's phone charging scenario in Rome involves several physics principles related to electricity, magnetism, and energy generation. Using renewable energy sources such as solar power can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change. James Clerk Maxwell's work in electromagnetism has led to the development of many important technologies, including radio waves and optics, used in many everyday applications.


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