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Bioengineering in Brave New World Essay Example

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In the times of bioengineering, to be human means applying principles that help in defining and solve problems in biology, medicine, and healthcare, among other fields. Bioengineering is another term for genetic engineering, which means making use of artificial tissues and organs or organ components to replace damaged or absent body parts. Thus, we argue that being a human in times of bioengineering means appreciating genetic engineering by being part of it. In the story of Brave New World, the promise of social stability has not been achieved. In this story, social stability is a symbol of equality which means the whole society is equal. To some extent, we see some people deciding and making decisions for others. There are controls who have everyone under their command. Unequal to them, there is a group called Savages, but they aren’t under the same rules as everyone in the World State.

Also, the society in Brave New World has abolished real human emotions. We all agree that feelings, whether unpleasant or painful are what make us human. This means that the society in this story cannot get excited as it's not given the opportunity to think of good. It should be noted that since society is left with no feeling, it lacks inspiration; hence, they are unequal. In addition to this, we can argue that the society described in this story isn’t only lacking the capability of feeling emotions, but also it lacks freedom. This is evident from the fact that their lives are chosen for them before they are even born. This means a lack of equality among society members. Guided by such arguments, we can tell that, to some extent, the promise of social stability has not been achieved in the story.

Nevertheless, the society is balanced since the citizens are taking an amount of soma even though they have certain regulations. This shows no difference between citizens when it comes to taking soma and following restrictions. Also, social stability is demonstrated by divisions into a caste system. In addition to this, the government tries at all means to keep its people happy. Besides, we can argue that the cloning system assures stability since, genetically, individuals within the society are less likely to engage in conflict with each other or the system. All these ways show that the society in the story is somewhat promoting social stability. Aldous predicts that everyone in the future will abuse soma drugs from a very young age. From this, pharmaceutical can learn to improve the way they handle drugs to ensure the safety of the people. This can be done by keeping them safe to avoid abuses.

Also, the story recommends that pharmaceuticals must forge new relationships that are value focused. These are crucial in promoting quality services to the people. As the story demonstrates, the World State has sacrificed morals, everything that makes a human alive, to achieve their ideas of stability. This is done by conditioning everyone to think like everyone else. This seems to question ethics by demonstrating that everyone should be respected ethically. On the other hand, the story questions the dangers associated with technology enhancement. This is done by Huxley's warnings against the dangers of too much technology. His arguments are that too much technology while bringing comfort, could ultimately obscure beauty and truth. Concerning genetic modifications, the story tends to question it by arguing that it did not meet ethical approval (Frankel). The story shows that everyone is genetically engineered to be happy and perform specific functions in society. However, this does not meet moral approval.

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