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Writer’s Profile: ID 263480514

ID 263480514
Completed orders: 304
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4.6 out of 5
Education Film studies History Music Psychology Sociology
About me

I am competent at writing articles at a professional level. I've been successfully writing articles, papers, and essays in college and for a history magazine.

Currently, I am working as a temporary history teacher and a freelance historian. I got my Master's degree in 2015.

Customer reviews
Order №: 343306730

I really appreciate all of your help! Thank you, and I pray the Lords blessings on you!

Subject: Religious studies
Order №: 373317855

The writer is a very professional person, she delivered the job on time, and it was perfect! We communicated enough times for her to understand fully the requirements of the job. I completely recommend her. I hope I can work with her in the future for other projects that are coming.

Subject: Education
Order №: 338830253

I got a little less words than ordered and difficult musical terms were used. But overall nice paper.

Subject: Music
Order №: 357584635

She is the best freelancer ever. Very reliable, understanding. She gets the job successfully done as expected… Very impressed.

Subject: History
Order №: 316246358

You really took the time to make sure I was happy with the product. Thank you so much for asking for the feedback and making sure all the bases were covered for this assignment.


Subject: Other
Order №: 363674412

I had a project to complete, and the writer was able to complete it in a short period of time and provided great work. Any modifications I needed, she would make them and for that I greatly appreciate working with her. Thank you!

Subject: Music
Order №: 313694085

Just the references there should be a hanging indentation but I will fix it, your job was great hopefully I would have you again for the next assignment. Thanks!!

Subject: Other
Order №: 379045627

The writer provided me with a high-quality research proposal in a short period of time. I will come again and ask her for help.

Subject: Sociology
Order №: 290190789

I'm so happy about your job. Thanks were amazing.

Subject: Psychology
Order №: 376115718

Professional. Responsive. Smart. This writer does it all, and wants to put together the best product for you. It would be great if it was a tiny bit quicker, though. Will use again and again, nevertheless.

Subject: Film Studies
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