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Dissertation Sections and Structuring

Dissertation writing is distinguished from other forms of academic writing by its necessity to explore an issue through the application of methodological and conceptual frameworks, a rigid structure of which allows to arrive at thesis-supporting data. As such, the dissertation writing process must be specific and narrowly focused. This implies having an underlying structure the close adherence to which can make the process of reaching research objectives easier.

A dissertation chapters structure differs substantially between fields and countries. For example, some educational institutions insist that the conclusion section should precede the discussion chapter. Thus, to avoid confusion, check with dissertation writing guidelines issued by your department.

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Before delving further into the discussion of dissertation structuring, let us detail some benefits of using our writing assistance.

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Pay for Chapters in a Dissertation Here

Dissertation structures vary widely based on discipline, a methodology of research, and education institution among others. Ergo, how many chapters should be in your document also depends on those factors. If your study is qualitative, consult with your supervisor whether the results and discussion sections should be separated or not. The same applies to the order of chapters. This notwithstanding, the basic dissertation structure should be as follows:

  • Title Page

    The first page of your academic document should contain essential information such as title, your name, student number, institution, department, and submission date. When you pay for writing here, you will get a title page for free.

  • Acknowledgments

    The section is optional.

  • Abstract

    Here you have to provide a short summary of your study. Introduce the nature and objectives of your research as well as describe the methods you employed to pursue those objectives.

  • Table of Contents

    You should list all sections, subheadings, and their corresponding page numbers.

  • List of Figures and Tables

    Create the list of tables and figures you used in your academic document.

  • List of Abbreviations

    All abbreviations employed in the dissertation should be listed and explained here.

  • Glossary

    Make an alphabetized list of highly specialized terms and their definitions.

  • Introduction

    This section sets up a research topic and contextualizes it. Research questions and discussion of the study’s importance should also be presented here.

  • Literature Review

    Summarize the existing body of literature on the issue and show how it connects to your study. If you have difficulty writing the literature review section, use our assistance.

  • Methodology

    The section discusses the methodological approach to the research.

  • Results

    Present the results of your study here.

  • Discussion

    Discuss the meaning and implication of your study findings.

  • Conclusion

    Answer the research questions in a concise form. Explain how the findings contribute to your study field.

  • Reference List

    The section should include all sources used to develop a dissertation. If you pay for our writing assistance, you will get this section for free.

Need help writing a dissertation chapter? Hire a skilled writer here!

Need help writing a dissertation chapter? Hire a skilled writer here!

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