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Think of Enrolling into United States Naval Academy? Here is Some Information!

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United States Naval Academy
General information about the United States Naval Academy (USNA, Annapolis, Nav):
Annapolis, MD
Year of foundation:

If you choose the United States Naval Academy, you will have an opportunity to plunge into exciting and fascinating students’ life and spend never-to-be-forgotten years in the thought-provoking environment. Take a look at the main features of the United States Naval Academy:

Being the second oldest US federal service academy, the United States Naval Academy is situated on 338-acre campus, which is a national historic landmark. Admission to the academy requires the applicant to possess nomination from a congressman. Upon acceptance students follow a demanding academic program, as a result of which they have a chance to get BS degree. Students in USNA are called midshipmen, which is a paygrade and official military rank. The faculty staff involves both military instructors and civilian professors who deliver high-quality education to the students. Midshipmen are required to participate in the available sports teams, as well as adhere to the academy’s Honor Concept.

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