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Application Essay on Important Accomplishment


Describe the accomplishment which occurred in the past five years which you are the most proud of. It was a usual first day: the students could not grasp the idea of the classes having started and the teachers were all anxious to meet new groups or to see the students from the previous year. Pleased...

Application Essay on Life Lessons


Life Lessons Are not Always the Lessons We Want to Learn Erma Bombeck’s book If life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits? described my life perfectly until about two years ago. I began my life growing up in Bennington, Oklahoma, a small deserted town that no one has ever...

What I Want to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student?

I want to enhance five major skills that I feel would be very effective throughout my life. They are leadership, writing, creativity, communication and presentation skills. This is something that can be done while attending University of Phoenix because of the teams and hands on experience. First, leadership skills are a great asset to have....

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