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Learn How to Write the Results Section of a Dissertation

The results chapter of your dissertation has to present the collected data using descriptive statistics and explicate the findings of inferential statistical analyses you run on the data. The results must be communicated in sufficient detail to further the readers’ understanding of the issue under discussion and justify your conclusions. It is imperative to state all findings regardless of their support, or lack thereof, of the hypothesis.

There is no generally-accepted template for presenting the finding of a research due to considerable variations in study approaches. This notwithstanding, we will provide you with a basic guideline for dissertation results writing.

  • Present the results of your study as concisely as possible, while still providing enough information to back up your conclusions.
  • Abstain from explaining basic statistical procedures. Nevertheless, discuss advanced multivariate statistical methods such as n-way ANOVA in simple terms.
  • Resort to figures and tables when information cannot be presented in a sentence or two. Graphical information should always be cross-referenced in the text. However, the same data mustn’t be repeated in tables and figures. All graphical elements of your dissertation must be accompanied by a caption and notes.
  • It is imperative to interpret study findings for your readers. They shouldn’t be left wondering what is the meaning of the listed numbers and figures. Since all results are subject to alternative interpretations, you should think well before providing them.
  • When reporting the findings, use accepted statistical abbreviations.

If you find it difficult to follow the abovementioned guidelines, go to our free sample base where you can find a dissertation results section example. If, after using the free example, you are not satisfied with progress on your dissertation project, hire a writer here. They will study your instructions closely to bring you an outstanding chapter draft. Later, it could be revised for free to ensure it falls in line with your unique academic needs. Follow the steps below to hire a dissertation writer.


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