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Don’t Know How to Write a Dissertation Introduction? Follow These Steps

To write an outstanding dissertation opening, it is essential to keep in mind that an introductory section should not be collapsed into a monolith. While a recommended length of your opening PhD dissertation section may vary, it should follow a general dissertation introduction outline.

Below is a basic structure of dissertation introduction.

1. Start by introducing the broad theme or topic of your study. Provide as much information as needed to make the subject clear without going into unnecessary detail. Do not plunge the unprepared reader into your study using technical jargon. Instead, lead them to your research problem step by step while using plain English. If possible, bring examples to explain unfamiliar constructs.

2. Once the broad theme of your masters dissertation has been established, explain its importance with reference to either practical or academic implications. To put it simply, this element of your introduction should provide a reader with a clear answer to the question: “Why should anyone care about the findings of your study?”

3. Make a short literature review using scholarly publications and peer-reviewed sources. Concentrate only on the most recent studies that have a direct link to your own research efforts. If a study you are referring to has been replicated by the author’s peers, you should directly state it, thereby lending more credence to the source. Make sure to include in-text references in your introduction and format them in accordance with a citation style recommended by your supervisor or department’s writing guidelines.

4. After introducing the readers to the extant knowledge on the subject, discuss the inconsistencies, controversies, or gaps in the literature. Explain how you will address them in your study. While doing so, accentuate the benefits of furthering scholarly knowledge in your study area. State your study’s contribution in no uncertain terms.

5. Your dissertation introduction should contain the following elements:

  • the core research problem your study will address;
  • the specific research objectives that will drive your study;
  • the context in the research will be conducted;
  • the units of measurement and analysis.

6. Provide your readers with an outline of the dissertation’s structure. Write it after the rest of your dissertation is finished. Thus, you will have a clear view of your study’s structure and content. Please note that while some of the dissertation elements discussed above may be combined, none of them should be omitted from the introduction.

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Your dissertation’s first section is the gateway to your study. Thus, your introduction holds enormous influence over how your dissertation will be perceived by the reader. Do you want to use that power to your advantage or would you rather fritter it away by committing trifling errors? Easy question to answer, isn’t it?

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Get a Free English Dissertation Introduction Example

To impose a structure on your learning process, search through our free sample database for good introductions. Study them closely while focusing on adapting the underlying structure rather than particular methods of expression. Try to recognize core concepts and make meaningful connections between the free introduction samples and your own draft. If you cannot find an appropriate introduction example in our base, request it via chat, email, or phone.

Even though you are encouraged to apply the gained insights to the problem at hand, please abstain from copying the provided samples. They are for educational purposes only. No part of our free content can be copied or reproduced without our explicit consent. Moreover, by plagiarizing the samples, you will incur severe academic repercussions. Therefore, if you struggle with introduction writing, request our affordable assistance by clicking the button below.

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