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The mainstay of academic writing, in general, and hypothesis writing, in particular, is clarity. Your reader must be able to breathe through your thesis and identify the core supposition, condition, and prediction. Thus, when writing a hypothesis statement, you must aim for the utmost precision, felicity, and economy of expression. While you may hope for this to be the case, nothing in the process guarantees the desired outcome. Why? Simply because it takes considerable skill to distill the multiplicity of your study’s objectives and assumptions into a clear sentence or two. To avoid a descent into confusion, you should skillfully employ overtly direct and unbiased language while keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. Pause to consider how difficult it is. Precisely for this reason, we offer our writing assistance.

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Here’s How to Write a Good Hypothesis

The proper hypothesis for your dissertation or thesis must be written in the third person singular passive. This style of presentation allows you to ‘remove yourself’ from the report, thereby achieving the utmost objectivity.

A research hypothesis is an a priori expectation about the outcome of your study. However, embedded in a streamlined sentence is not just suppositions and predictions. There’s also a hook for your readers. If the hypothesis strikes a chord with them, they are more likely to keep reading your study and praise it highly.

Another reason why it is crucial to make a strong hypothesis is planning. Before conducting the study, you should clearly understand your expectations for its outcomes, which will inevitably shape the research design. It means that by developing the research hypothesis for your thesis, you will have a chance to fully think about the variables, measurements, and study techniques involved. Of course, no one is exempt from being blindfolded by the unforeseen circumstances; however, the earlier you develop a clear hypothesis, the fewer errors will crop up during your investigative efforts.

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Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of writing a hypothesis to understand why you may want to use our professional assistance.

The following is an example of hypothesis in thesis writing with a non-directional approach.

There are statistically significant variations in attitudes toward the administration of opioid analgesics between registered nurses and physician assistants.

This format of a hypothesis must be accompanied by a non-directional research question.

What are the differences in attitudes toward the administration of opioid analgesics between registered nurses and physician assistants?

A directional hypothesis looks as follows:

Physician assistants who regularly prescribe chronic pain treatment will have a greater positive attitude toward the administration of opioid analgesics than registered nurses who deliver the medication.

An example of a directional question for the hypothesis is below.

Is the attitude toward administering opioid analgesics different for physician assistants who prescribe it than for registered nurses who deliver it?

The hypotheses stated above fall in the category of difference hypothesis, which is usually used for group comparison in experimental studies. There is, however, another type of hypothesis you may want to use – relationship hypothesis – which is employed to explore the relationships between variables. An example of a relationship hypothesis is presented below.

There is a positive relationship between registered nurses and physician assistants’ attitude toward the administration of opioid analgesics and their experience with delivering the medication.

If you find it difficult to select the proper type of hypothesis for your study, turn to us for help. Our experienced academic practitioners will write you a hypothesis that will serve as a basis for conducting great research. Furthermore, they can also craft you a thesis or dissertation that will bring you outstanding academic results. Place an order now!

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