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University of Notre Dame Admission Essay Help from Professionals

University of Notre Dame
General information about the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame):
Notre Dame, IN
Year of foundation:
Master’s degree, Bachelors’s degree

If you choose the University of Notre Dame, you will have an opportunity to plunge into exciting and fascinating students’ life and spend never-to-be-forgotten years in the thought-provoking environment. Take a look at the main features of the University of Notre Dame:

The history of the University of Notre Dame dates back to 1842, when it was founded by Rev. Edward Sorin under protection of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Initially being only a university by name, it attracted not more than a dozen of students for classic scholar curriculum. Nowadays it is one of America’s leading undergraduate institutions, with cutting edge position in research and scholarship. Today’s topics of research consideration include such areas as cancer studies, robotics, environmental sciences, astrophysics, etc. Average ranking of its educational and research achievements is exceeded only by Harvard and Princeton. The basic university philosophy is teaching students not only to think, but also to live.

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