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United States Military Academy Admission Essay Help from Professionals

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United States Military Academy
General information about the United States Military Academy (USMA, West Point, Ar):
West Point, NY
Year of foundation:

If you choose the United States Military Academy, you will have an opportunity to plunge into exciting and fascinating students’ life and spend never-to-be-forgotten years in the thought-provoking environment. Take a look at the main features of the United States Military Academy:

Founded in 1802, the United States Military Academy is situated on a scenic campus nearby the Hudson River. The campus is a national landmark with numerous historic buildings and sites, which annually attract thousands of tourists from around the world. In order to become a candidate for admission, you have to be nominated by a congressman, as well as submit application directly to the academy. Over 1300 cadets are annually accepted to USMA and about 1000 graduate. Upon acceptance you have a chance to receive BA degree after completion of extensive academic program. Everyone is obliged to adhere to the Cadet Honor Code, in accordance with which cadets shouldn’t cheat, lie, steal and tolerate those who act in this way.

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