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Types of Programs

Types of Programs

The modern world changes fast, which makes many people feel insecure, as they fail to adapt to the circumstances and face constant difficulties. Is there something that can become your life jacket in the ocean of instability? The answer is positive and simple. Your most powerful tool to ensure your safe position in life is...

Undergraduate Programs

“What is an undergraduate program? Do I need to apply for any of them? And which one to choose?” These are the questions that any potential student is likely to ask. Roughly speaking, an undergraduate program is any program of post-secondary academic studies, which leads to obtaining the Bachelor’s degree. A typical undergraduate program takes...

Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate programs are a generic term for any further academic qualification that one can acquire after the Bachelor’s degree in the process of university studies. In order to be admitted to Master degree programs, an individual must normally possess a Bachelor’s degree (some universities will admit only an ‘honors’ bachelor degree). Sometimes, the Bachelor’s degree...

MBA Programs

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a degree, which is highly popular among people with a background in a wide range of academic disciplines, united by the desire to pursue a career of a top manager. The MBA programs were originally created in the USA in the late 19th century as the emerging industrial...

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