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Application Essay on Important Accomplishment


Describe the accomplishment which occurred in the past five years which you are the most proud of. It was a usual first day: the students could not grasp the idea of the classes having started and the teachers were all anxious to meet new groups or to see the students from the previous year. Pleased...

Application Essay on Educational Challenge


When three years ago I got my Bachelor’s degree in ELT, I was seen as potential high flier in the sphere of education. I was able to create efficient lesson plans, develop interesting teaching materials and listen carefully to my students. According to my professors, “I just need a bit of guidance to exploit my...

Admissions Essay on Managerial Experience


Describe the main traits of character an exceptional manager must possess by analyzing someone whom you have observed or with whom you have cooperated. Illustrate how his or her management style has changed your vision of a leader. The sphere of education is often perceived as a branch of business which requires from a manager...

Admission Essay on the Ideal World

Describe the picture of ideal world as you imagine it. I am a person who deeply loves the world. I am sincerely passionate about the kind and considerate people who live on our beautiful green planet, about the rich society, the successful economy, the clean and unpolluted environment, and equal opportunities for everyone. Unfortunately, the...

Admissions Essay on My Personal Goals at the University


The University, owing to its diversified course styles and programs, allowed me to realize the possibilities of continued education and the achievements that it can provide. My desired attainments as a student of the University include short- and long-term goals that pertain to an occupation in the field of adult education. The short-term goal that...

Admission Essay on Comparison Between High School and College


Going from high school to college is a major transition in life. Both high school and college are important chapters for every person, but they are very different. In going from one of these stages in life to the other we experience significant changes: of friends, lifestyles, eating habits, and even homes. College is a...

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