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Application Essay on Educational Challenge


When three years ago I got my Bachelor’s degree in ELT, I was seen as potential high flier in the sphere of education. I was able to create efficient lesson plans, develop interesting teaching materials and listen carefully to my students. According to my professors, “I just need a bit of guidance to exploit my...

Application Essay on Everyday Choices


Every day we have a wide selection of choices. Some of them are rather challenging, while others not. Describe one of the most significant choices that you had to make, and discuss the consequences of your actions. In what way did your decision influence your life? My most vivid childhood memory is the day when...

Admissions Essay on My Greatest Influence


Describe a person or event that has had a profound impact on you and the way you look at the world. Influence is the most mysterious thing. We consciously tend to rebel against any influence on our personality, realizing perfectly well at the same time that it is almost inevitable. We are influenced by little...

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