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Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the condition, generally experienced by all the writers, under which he or she loses the ability to produce new interesting piece of work.

Reasons for writer block can be subdivided into the following groups:

  1. Internal reasons for common writing problems, related to writer block. The most common are lack of creativity and inspiration that can occur as a result of long writing experience and a requirement to write in identical or similar and interrelated fields. This problem can significantly vary in severity and intensity, but it is mostly evidenced among professional writers or those people who work on their course work or PhD dissertation.
  2. Writer’s block is one of the most widespread common writing problems and very often it is externally caused by a number of circumstances:
    • Relationships in the family.
    • Illnesses.
    • Opinion about your works.
    • Reasons that made you start writing.There is no doubt that the person, who decides to start writing himself, is much more motivated and driven by the ideas he puts on paper, than the person who is asked to write an essay as a requirement of an academic course.

Remember, writer’s block is not an unsolvable problem and you can overcome it by looking for inspiration from other writers, previous knowledge or environment you are surrounded with. There is so much around you that you haven’t yet seen for many reasons.

The biggest talent of writer is being able to re-charge and re-fill writing with life, external emotions and experiences and turn them into his own unusual set of conclusions and observations.

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