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Common Problems

Common Problems

Admissions essay is one of the most complicated types of essays, which is extremely important for your future and, thus, its writing should be of the highest importance for you. Nevertheless, it is difficult to write credible and interesting essay if you do not have enough experience and encounter a number of writing problems. In...

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the condition, generally experienced by all the writers, under which he or she loses the ability to produce new interesting piece of work. Reasons for writer block can be subdivided into the following groups: Internal reasons for common writing problems, related to writer block. The most common are lack of creativity and...

Lack of Talent

There is nothing more obvious and visible when reading an essay or any other document as a lack of talent of the writer. Very often we come across the works that suffer from a lack of logical thinking, innovative ideas or unusual observations. Most often these works are met in the academic world. If we...

Lack of Time

Old and very well-received expression says: “Time is money,” and indeed, not many people will argue that in the modern world time is a currency and it is extremely important to prioritize things due to constant lack of time. In the academic world you are always pressed for time and very often you find yourself...

Lack of Skills

Writing an essay is a skill that requires practice and a lot of theoretical learning. Lack of skills often leads to and becomes a major cause of common writing problems of various types that students face when starting to practice essay writing skills. Creativity, knowledge about the subject and meeting other essay writing requirements are...


Plagiarism is one of the most topical issues in the academic world. Along with globalization of information and wide access to literature and other information sources, the problem of plagiarism is becoming really alerting. Unfortunately, the problem lays not only in the intentional plagiarism, but simply in the lack of knowledge of students and writers...

Lack of Motivation

It is always easier to work on something that is based on your own initiative and lies in the sphere of your interest and passion. Academic world is full of knowledge and learning that sometimes can be not that interesting or appealing to you as some other subjects. When you are asked to write an...

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