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Grammar Mistakes

Grammar is the core of any language. Essay is a piece of writing that demands excellent grammar skills if the writer wants his thoughts to be understood. Whatever you write in your document and whichever arguments you provide, none of them will be supported or trusted if your writing is full of grammar mistakes and errors.

What are grammatical errors and what do they mean for you as a writer? When we talk about the common grammar mistakes in English, we mostly refer to some of the blunders often made by essay writers. There are a number of ways to make your essay better and improve overall grade of your work by using correct and plain English.

Grammatical errors may result from violation of tenses usage rules, poor punctuation, confusion of different grammar classes, such as verbs and adjectives, nouns and verbs, etc. In all the cases mistakes can be avoided by self-checking and use of appropriate dictionary that each of the students should have on their tables.

Let us look at the most common grammar mistakes that students and other writers make in their essays:

  • Use of prepositions. For example: different from/ different than (incorrect).
  • Confusion of grammar classes. For example: good vs. well.
  • Use of irregular verbs. For example: verb “hit” in the past: “hitted” (incorrect), “hit

There are many other grammatical errors that we can often meet in academic works and essays; it does not, however, mean that you cannot avoid them. If you have any doubt, stop and cross-check your opinion with dictionary. English grammar is full of tricks and traps and writing is a constant learning!

To improve your skills, view our Writing tips section.

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