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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes

Are you looking for reliable and coherent information on how to write successful essay? Internet is flooded with tips and hints on how to avoid common mistakes, but we never know whether to believe them or not and often they are rather contradictory. The advantage of MyAdmissionsEssay.com is the complete and in-depth guide for the...

Structure Mistakes

Typical guide to essay writing will advise you to structure your essay in a very simple and logical way that will require from you to write introduction, main body and conclusions. What can be easier than to structure essay this way? In fact, statistics shows that vast majority of essays fail due to common mistakes...

Content Mistakes

What are you talking about? What does it mean? How does it fit into the overall idea and the main question? If your content creates these types of questions, there is definitely something wrong. You read it through, but cannot see anything wrong with your piece of writing? Go through the list of common writing...

Vocabulary Mistakes

There are several types of mistakes that could be included in the list of the most common writing mistakes among English students. While structure, content and grammar errors very often can undermine the quality of the essay, vocabulary mistakes can make it difficult to understand and, sometimes, even change the meaning of certain sentences completely....

Style Mistakes

Let us consider three groups of mistakes in style: The first question that you should ask yourself even before you start thinking on the given topic and deciding on the structure and content of your essay is: “Who will read my essay and who I am writing it for?” This question is crucial to define...

Grammar Mistakes

Grammar is the core of any language. Essay is a piece of writing that demands excellent grammar skills if the writer wants his thoughts to be understood. Whatever you write in your document and whichever arguments you provide, none of them will be supported or trusted if your writing is full of grammar mistakes and...

Spelling Mistakes

Very often the objective of your essay is to attract the attention of the reader by the words you use and arguments you make. It is important to make your essay interesting from the beginning to the end. It is, however, even more important not to make your reader laugh at your piece of writing...

Punctuation Mistakes

You have written your admissions essay and believe that your idea and its presentation in the document will make this piece of work one of a kind. Are you sure that you have written exactly what you meant? Read it again and make sure that the punctuation rules are not violated, as a comma or...

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