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Wait List Letter Proofreading and Editing

Wait list writing is an extremely important stage of your admissions – on it depends whether your candidature will be accepted or not. If you have to write it, it means that you have already achieved a lot, but due to some reasons you weren’t accepted from the first time. There is no need to worry about it and waste your nerves thinking if you had done something wrong and how to avoid doing the same mistake again.

Instead you should completely focus on the actual writing of your wait list letter, and what is even more important, have it proofread by professionals after writing your draft. Why should you do it? First of all, you will make sure that your letter doesn’t have any mistakes in grammar and content. Second, you will check if you presented information from the right side. Eventually, you will be confident that you have done everything possible to eliminate mistakes and produce the best possible result.

What is included into our proofreading offer?

  1. At the first stage our editor checks your letter for consistency with the general norms of this kind of writing. He pays attention to the way your thoughts are presented, structure and logical organization of the text. After this thorough analysis he explains the way in which your text has to be changed, asks for the necessary information and makes sure that everything is written in a proper way.
  2. Then, he checks for grammar, stylistic, spelling and other mistakes and inconsistencies in the text, making sure that your letter is faultless and irreproachable in the end.

Thus, you see that you get a perfect letter from us that is written not simply well, but at outstanding level of quality. Our company renders the exact kind of help you need. With us you are sure to get into the establishment of your choice.

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