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Essay Proofreading and Editing

A significant amount of work has been done – you have written your admission essay, but now you wonder – what if my essay is not good enough? What if admissions committee will not pay attention to my candidature? What if I will lose my chance to study where I would like to and one year of my life will be wasted?

We want to be sincere with you – there is a chance that one of the above listed concerns every student faces sooner or later can really become true, which will mean nothing good for you. You may ask: “Is there a way to prevent such unfortunate development of my admission process?” And proudly we will answer “Yes!”.

Our company has been diligently working for many years to help all the students who have concerns related to their admission essays and the whole process overall. In order to help them, we have developed the following offer that will definitely boost your confidence and win the committee’s favorable attitude to your candidature.

Our cooperation will have 2 interrelated stages:

  1. Initial editing and proofreading. At this stage you submit your essay to us and one of our professional editors checks it for the consistency and relevance of the general idea and such aspects as structure, logical organization, approach to material presentation, etc. He prepares a review of your work that you get and asks you to provide additional information or make the necessary changes yourself if it is appropriate. After all the general aspects are perfect, you proceed to the next stage.
  2. Final proofreading. Here your editor checks your essay for compliance with the language and stylistic aspects, making it sound natural, easy-to-understand and faultless. As a result, you get a perfect piece of writing devoid of mistakes and inconsistencies.

As you can see, from cooperation with us you get exactly what you want – confidence that your paper is written in a proper way and that your candidature won’t be rejected due to mistakes in your essay or its illogical organization.

You worked really hard to reach this important stage in your life, so don’t spoil it by ignoring the final stage of proofreading by professionals. It’s exactly what you need in order to improve your chances of being accepted to the institution of your choice.

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